Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A lot has happened...

It has been SO long since I have posted anything so here is a quick recap of the last few months through pictures...

My beautiful friend Megan got married in October. She had such an amazing wedding so full of love and joy. I am so happy for her and Bradley but so sad that she had to leave for Georgia just after her honeymoon.

I had the opportunity to see so many wonderful friends at this wedding. I of course took my token date...my brother! We had so much fun. This picture says a thousand words.

Since I have been working SO much I only was able to go to one ASU game. It was an awesome game and I was actually paying attention enough to see the winning touchdown!!!!

Even though I didn't actually graduate from NAU I went to homecoming this year. It was so fun to see old friends and make new ones too.

You know you are getting old when you run into the girls you used to babysit at the bar!

Luke had quite the birthday this year. It was his first birthday he was able to go out for. We celebrated for an entire week!

Gift of the year: Better-Go-Getter

One of the highlights of my year was the opportunity to go to LA to watch the taping of So You Think You Can Dance!!!! Stef and I left late Sunday night, stayed in an AMAZING hotel, and watched the taping of SYTYCD. I love LA, Stef, and SYTYCD...what could be better!

We went out for Rob's birthday. Tobey Keith's was frequented a number of times by these lovely ladies...love them!

I had a wonderful year full of joy, laughter, struggles, and tears. Overall I had some amazing people standing by me through it all! I am a lucky girl.