Monday, July 20, 2009

Mile High

Andrew and I took a trip to Denver this weekend. We both have friends and family that live in the Denver area so we decided to take a trip to see everyone.

My "Ant" Nance picked us up at the airport and took us to the mountains. It was so beautiful and cool!!! I got to see many of the places my dad and aunt vacationed to when they were young. We had pizza at an amazing pizza place in Idaho Springs and had the opportunity to walk around the small town.

"Ant" Nance

Idaho Springs

After spending time with my aunt we went to downtown Denver to stay with Andrew's cousin (okay actually third cousin but it seems as if Andrew is related somehow to everyone in Wisconsin). Amie lives on the 25th floor of a 42 floor high rise in the middle of downtown. We were able to walk all around the downtown area. The 16th Street Mall was one block from where Amie lives so we had everything we needed just one block away. There were tons of bars, eating places, and Starbucks on every corner (and two on some corners). We went out to some fun bars yet I realized how old I am when I couldn't keep up with Amie no matter how hard I tried.

Our friend Heather from Pharmacy School recently took a position just outside of Denver so we were able to spend some time with her. She is an amazing friend that we both miss so much.

Out with Heather

We couldn't go to Denver without taking a brewery tour. Conveniently enough we just 15 minutes from the Coors brewery. It was so cool to see how the beer was actually brewed. I was also amazed by the number of different brews/flavors they made.

At the end of the tour you were given three free beers and they weren't baby beers either. It was fun to be able to try different flavors that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

Amie and Me

So when we got back to Phoenix we were standing at the baggage claim thing waiting and waiting for our bags to come. I know it can take awhile to get your bags but this was taking forever. All of a sudden I look up and here comes my shoe. I know how do you know it was your shoe...I just did. Then I saw my blow dryer come around...then I started to freak out. My bag was in this bin thing and had apparently exploded. I mean everything had flown out of my bag. I looked and saw that my bras were still there...just not where they began. After unpacking I realized I was missing a shoe and a couple of pairs of underwear. I hope to God the people just threw them away because honestly if my underwear were spinning around on the carousel thingy all day I might just die.

We had a wonderful time in Denver catching up with people that we love and experiencing a new city.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anti-Fight Night

Brock Won!

Okay I really don't know what that means but that is what ESPN says. I am really not into really not at I actually kinda hate it. So instead of going to a fight night party I hung out with this guy:

We had dinner as a family and decided to try for Costa Vida. Gilbert peeps you will understand when I sing: One of these things is not the the of these things just isn't the same. We were the not like the other and just weren't the same...if you know what I mean. So we quickly left.

After eating not at Costa Vida (which I do love the raspberry chicken chipotle salad) Luke and I went shopping. Luke did get asked why he wasn't watching the fight while in The Buckle and wanted to fight the chick that asked. I realized once again why I LOVE Nordstroms so much. I found some cute tops and Luke found these awesome shoes. The tallons appreciate the new shoes. (If anyone has ever seen this kid's feet you know what I mean by tallons)

Luke with his awesome new kicks

Sperry...Get Wet
**don't know how to flip this**

After shopping we took a trip to The Golden Spoon. The thing I love about living where I grow up is you get wonderful little surprises like seeing your best friend from 3rd grade on a Saturday night. We ran into Kim Stubbs (we're the Islands kids we're the best darn school) and had the chance to catch up. My choice of frozen yogurt: orange 50/50 and cake batter with cookie dough topping. I promise it was so good. That is about all for my anti-fight night. Hope all of you that enjoy fight night had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Survied Maui!!!

In early June I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to Maui with two fabulous ladies. We had an amazing time even though only one of us returned maintaining full consciousness the entire time. (I did get more tan over the 5 days though I will always be in awe of Kristen's tanning ability)

Our plane ride was very nice and uneventful until Kristen stood up. Stef and I moved out of the way and sat down and were just chattin' it up when this girl that looked a lot like Kristen sat down in the row in front. We soon realized that Kristen has passed out and sat down on a little boy who was on his first flight. While we are worried about Kristen everyone else is freaking out about the kid on his first flight that got sat on...we all know he liked it. Kristen recovered well after Stef saved the day by yelling "Don't give her fruit...or alvacado!" This was the beginning of our Maui adventures.

Luckiest Boy in Maui

We made it to our beautiful hotel and spent a lot of time sitting by the pool and sipping (actually gulping) many MANY lava flows.

View from our lounge chairs

The adventurous girls we are decided to drive along the coast to get to a beautiful hiking destination. The drive started out wonderful...wonderful views, wonderful conversation, wonderful two lane road. As we continued our journey (after stopping at the best banana bread stand in the WORLD) our drive got a little less wonderful...still wonderful views, a little less conversation, and the freakin' scariest one lane super curvey switch back up and down a mountain road EVER. Stef, our fearless leader, got us to our hiking destination safely though I think we all wanted to kiss the ground when we made it out of the car.

Three girls happy to be alive

The hike was a blast. We had to cross two suspended bridge thingys. Super scary but we all made it across safely. We made it to the end and got to enjoy a beautiful waterfall.

Super scary bridge

Beautiful waterfall

On our next adventure we decided to go on a snorkeling boat (we had our flippie floppies as we traveled the big blue watery road). While I had never been on a snorkeling adventure before, both Stef and Kristen were experts.

I'm on a boat!

We successfully made it to the first location. We saw black fish, white and black stripped with yellow fish, more black fish.... Below are some pictures we were able to take with Stef's new indestructible super awesome camera.

We all loaded back on the boat to head to our second destination...Turtle Land. About that time I started feeling not so good. I broke all rules by leaving my seat during the head count but luckily made it down the stairs before I fainted. All I remember is waking up from an amazing dream and my new friend Scott yelling at me to tell him where I was, what my name was, and to follow his finger. Stef and Kristen came to my rescue when they heard a thud and someone yell for a medic. Once again Stef saved the day demanding them to give me a bucket knowing I get sick after I faint. I was fine but needless to say I didn't go in the water for the turtle viewing. I made a lot of friends on our boat and they were all so very nice to me, though I couldn't wait to be back on land.

Back on land

The rest of the trip was spent on the beach, by the pool, eating fabulous food, and drinking more lava flows. We had an amazing time. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to spend time in paradise with these two fabulous friends.

**sorry about small pictures...don't know how to fix that**

Monday, July 6, 2009

We Are ND

One of the most exciting events of 2009 has been Luke's graduation from Notre Dame. It is amazing to think just four years ago we were just getting ready to send my little brother to South Bend, IN. In those four years there has been much joy and frustration but in the end Luke left with both unforgettable memories and amazing friends.

The Family

My Boys

I officially won the "Best Sister of the Year Award" when I agreed to drive with Luke home from Indiana. We packed Luke's car to the brim...literally shove stuff in and close the door as fast as you can...and left early Monday morning. After 27 hours of driving; 1 asshole cop who was so concerned about how you are allowed to wear your hat in med school; 1 deer completing a 360 degree narlie flip kick over the cars in front of us; 4 Monsters, 4 Red Bulls, and 3 bottles of 5 hour energy; 4 hours of sleep at Days Inn in Wichita, Ka (NOT Super 8); Jay Z w/DMB on repeat; thousands of cows in Dalhart, Tx; and the lady racing us down the mountain...we made it home safe.

The memories Luke brought home with him are endless. I feel so lucky that I was given the opportunity to experience just a few moments of it. Luke left ND to come home to pursue his dreams but we all know that a piece of his heart will remain at Notre Dame for the rest of his life. I am so proud of all he has accomplished and am excited to see where he goes next.

It's all in the name...

After much thought and deliberation I have decided to join the blogging world...after much more thought and deliberation the very creative Waltemeyer's helped me create a name.

"A Dose of Life"

In June 2007 I graduated from Midwestern Un
iversity with my Doctor of Pharmacy.

Since then I have worked as a Pharmacist for Bashas'. While I argue my life is not exciting enough to deserve a blog I will do my best to entertain you with the adventures of my life.